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Dear applicant!

Thank you for your confidence in SCHERL & PARTNER and your interest in sincere collaboration with us.

We recommend you to register here with job.kariera.info:

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And remember: The more detailed your answers to our questions are, the higher your chances for placement.

With kind regards


A note to expats and applicants from Germany and Western Europe

Please note that the advertised job opportunities are always aimed to applicants of the respective countries (i.e; job offers from Russia are exclusively for Russians, unless otherwise indicated). At this time, expats are no longer in demand, with only a few exceptions (such as specialists for production, logistics, controlling and finance). In general, our clients are not looking for expats or candidates who will fly home to Germany for the weekend.

Applicants from Germany or Western Europe only have a reasonable chance to be considered for an advertised vacancy in Eastern Europe if they fulfill these conditions:

  1. Besides speaking German or English, you have achieved native-like fluency in the country's language.
  2. Of the past ten years, you have spent at least five years working successfully in the country you wish to apply for.
  3. You are willing to settle permanently in the country where the position is advertised.
  4. You are also willing to abandon German or Western European social security and accept a local contract.

Due to the large number of applications, we can only respond to applicants for vacancies in Eastern Europe if they match the requirements a. to d. listed above.

Please understand that we can not consider any application that is sent to us without comment or cover letter.