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Your decision

You now have the opportunity to team up with a reliable, competent and fair personnel consultant with long experience in Eastern Europe - without any risk. We will support you responsibly and successfully in your job search, be it for a position in management, sales or production in Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Kazakhstan.

  • Tell us your career goals send us your comprehensive, informative CV (with scanned picture in Word.doc format) along with a detailed cover letter.
  • Make sure that you have the required qualifications and that your command of German and/or English is sufficient for the position you aspire to.
  • SCHERL & PARTNER will have at least two personal interviews with you. These are part of a selection process that guarantees high quality.
  • An experienced advisor who is responsible for your case will accompany you to your job interview with our client.
  • We keep all vagaries off of you, because we bear all risks for arrangements that we make.
  • There is zero to no risk of unkept promises by our clients, or of you not getting the promised contract - because SCHERL & PARTNER only cooperate with reliable companies.

You can trust us. SCHERL & PARTNER always work with utmost discretion. Without your explicit consent, we will by no means forward your information, documents, or data to any third party. Unlike other Eastern European agencies, we offer all our services free of charge, even when your search has been successful!

Recommend us if you think others can benefit from our free of charge services.

We are looking forward to your application and to a good, successful collaboration that benefits all parties involved.